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We are proud to accept most dental insurances! It is our goal to provide every patient with high quality dental care, please call today if you have any questions, (859)626-9851.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Dental Terminology

a. What are cavities? A cavity is caused by bacteria that has invaded the teeth enamel causes cavities. Many cavities can go unnoticed by the patient, making regular dental checkups extra important.

b. What are root canals? Root canals are done to save teeth that have decay and have entered the nerve space. This is caused from trauma on the tooth or if the tooth has become infected.


a. How do I fix bad breath? Bad breath can be caused by bacteria that has settled on your tongue. Some tips to help are brushing your teeth and tongue after meals, flossing daily, avoid dry mouth and schedule regular dental checkups.

b. Why are my gums bleeding after I floss? Bloody gums can be caused by bacteria in between your teeth and not flossing and brushing enough. Make sure to floss and mouthwash daily to help bloody gums.

Billing & Insurance

a. What insurances does MDA accept? We are proud to accept most dental insurances including Aetna, Anthem, Delta Dental, Humana, Guardian, Metlife and United Concordia.

b. What does preauthorization mean? This is a form we send to your insurance company to determine if a treatment and/or procedure is covered under your benefits. We will also find out an estimated out of pocket cost for you, if applicable.

c. Can I pay over the phone? Of course! Call us today to pay over the phone for no extra costs.

d. Does MDA accept credit cards and checks? Yes! You can pay with a VISA, MasterCard, Care Credit, checks and cash.


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